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Beyond the urban

Duration: 60 to 120 mins

Language: English | Kannada

Team size; 3 to 5

About the Performance: Beyond the Urban seeks to present a glimpse into the world of folk. Intrinsically interwoven with UFP’s journey into the realm, the performance is an attempt to give an urban audience an understanding of what folk culture is, exploring its various aspects as artists, travellers and socially responsive individuals. It brings to the fore a unique aspect of folk where the lines between the personal and public are almost always blurred. The songs collected and presented in this piece cut across different genres like leisure and bhakti, domestic and skilled and ritual and labour highlighting the malleable nature of folk. This performance is also our attempt to present to the audience how we engage with different aspects of folk through our work. Curated in a way that it could be modified for different kinds of spaces and audiences, this set is an endeavour to encourage conversation and critical thinking. 

Status: Production available on request

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