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Ritual of strength

Duration: 90mins

Language: Kannada | Hindi | English

Team size: 3 key collaborators with a chorus of a minimum of 4 people

About the Performance: Our most recent production, ‘Ritual of Strength’ is a response to the current socio-political scenario in the country. Performed by Shilpa Mudbi Kothakota and Poornima Kumar of UFP and in collaboration with Avril Stormy Unger, the production draws its creative aesthetics from rituals. Rituals are embodied events that have been practiced across time throughout human history to celebrate and bring closure to events and circumstances. While rituals have been recurring and evolving, they are often linked to a larger folk myth associated with a deity or a community. Rituals have also been and continue to be used as tools of resistance, where the performance body, metaphors, prose, music and movement become curatorial mediums that not only create a realm of enchantment but also challenge dominant social structures. Drawing from the rituals of Goddess Yellamma, ‘Ritual of strength’ is an attempt to bring people together to celebrate the power of folk, to strengthen new-found solidarity and ready our voices to replace forces of institutionalised hate with harmony.

Status: Production available on request

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