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Understanding ethics and aesthetics

In conversation with Kerosene Digital

Our first 3D video @ Cubbon Park

At Lamakaan, Hyderabad

Gender Bender 2017 - Interview

Manjamma Jogathi - Our mentor

Press coverage Sing your heart out – Prachi Sibal (English)

Vijay Karnataka: From Lalleshwari to Yellamma – HS Shivaprakash (Kannada)

Bangalore Mirror: Strings of the past – Barkha Kumari (English)

Deccan Herald: Singing their way into hearts – Anita Pailoor (English)

Prajavani: Riding the beats of  the Chowdki along with Yellamma – Sumalatha N (Kannada)

Prajavani: Finding Yellamma’s tunes while journeying through the alcoves of folklore – Raghavendra K (Kannada)

New Indian Express: Couple learns many versions of Yellamma’s myths through ancient stories (English)

The Quint: The voices that stood out at the Bangalore Literary Festival – Arun Dev (English)

First Post: Bangalore Literature Festival 2018: Section 377 to Dalit politics, Day 1 brings insights to the fore – Ruth Dsouza Prabhu (English)

Economic Times: Bengaluru artistes give classic folk  art a contemporary urban touch – Divya Shekar (English)

Deccan Chronicle: Gender roles over centuries – Jayanthi Madhukar (English)

The Hindu: Shilpa Mudbi Kothakota on her interest in the myth of Yellamma – R Krithika (English)

Bangalore Mirror: Mindful of gender – Jayanthi Madhukar (English)

Kerosene Digital: Urban Folk Project revives age old Karnataka traditions in a modern time – Anisha Kashwani (English)

Times of India: Challenging gender norms with bold art – Reema Gowalla (English)

Deccan Herald: An engaging evening (English)

The Hindu: Gender re-imagined – Sravasti Datta (English)

Indian Express: The third edition of gender bender focuses on visual arts – Anagha M (English)

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