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Yellamma and other stories

Duration: 90 mins

Language: Kannada | English

Team size;  2 to 5

About the Performance: ‘Yellamma and Other Stories’ is musical storytelling curated to give audiences a glimpse into the mythical world of Goddess Yellamma. a chorus of singers and musicians narrate the summarised, simplified and contemporary version of Yellamma’s myth. Woven into this narrative are glimpses of the form Yellammanata, a ritualistic overnight play hosted during Dussehra by marginalised communities in North Karnataka. The performance also interweaves moments from the lives of artists who practice the form, Devadasis and Jogathis who live and embody this myth and Shilpa and Adithya’s journey with Yellamma. In presenting Yellamma’s tale, the performance poses pertinent questions on patriarchy, purity and power structures.

Status: Production complete and decommissioned

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