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Yellammanaata Mela

Duration: 25 mins

Language: Kannada | Telugu | Hindi | English

Team size: 5 to 10

About the Performance: ‘The Yellammanaata Mela’ is an ensemble of actors and musicians that recreate the experience of the Yellammanata for an urban audience, while sticking to the original music and form as much as possible. Yellammanata is a ritualistic overnight play hosted during festivals by lower caste Hindus in North Karnataka. The play, primarily performed by Jogathi’s (transgender women who are disciples of Yellamma), encapsulates the life story of Parshurama’s mother, Renuka and her journey in becoming Goddess Yellamma. ‘The Yellamanaata Mela’ presents this story, highlighting the underlying themes of sisterhood, motherhood, duty and liberation. It was produced by Goethe Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan in 2017 for the Gender Bender festival. 

Status: Production complete and decommissioned

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